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NEXUS SM-9000B* Black

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NEXUS SM-9000B* Black (SM-9000B)
NEXUS SM-9000B* Black (SM-9000B)
NEXUS SM-9000B* Black (SM-9000B)
NEXUS SM-9000B* Black (SM-9000B)

NEXUS SM-9000B* Black

Ekspertomtaler: 12 omtaler
  • Type Mus
  • Tegnsett -
  • Tilkobling Trådløs
  • Grensesnitt RF kabel-fri
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The SM-9000 is an advanced 2.4G wireless silent laser 1600DPI mouse which connects to your PC or laptop with a super small nano receiver.

You will be amazed how much more relaxing this mouse is without the clicks....

A little bit of background...
Nowadays we are so used to using the PC and we have come acquainted with track pads, multi-touch displays etc. that we no longer need the confirmation of a clicking action. You know when you have clicked or double clicked. You see a graphical reaction of your clicking on the screen and PC's are so fast these days that you practically never have to wait for your PC to respond. So you simply do not need a clicking-sound confirmation of your action... you know when you have clicked or not. So why still hear the clicking sound? Well it turns out that this is part of switching-technology and it is not so easy to remove the physical sound when clicking. We have managed to find a solution. With using some patented switching technology we (finally) have created a soundless/noiseless mouse.

It works for TV- and music-studio engineers and presenters
We have a lot of customers working in TV and music studio's that rely on Nexus components for a truly quiet working environment. We have asked some of them to test our mouse... and they are delighted. No more clicking-sounds. Just a quiet environment without distracting clicking noises and sounds.

Comfortable shape and material
The Nexus Silent Mouse has a comfortable size and is an excellent mouse for desktop use. But also for laptop users it is very suitable. Especially because of the small nano receive which you plug in a USB port and leave it there. It is so small that you do not need to take it just forget its there. Furthermore the mouse is made from quality surface treatments so it feels good in your hand.

Patented Silent Switch technology
The switches we have used for the Silent Mouse have a patented construction and lack the "click" sound when you press them. You will be amazed how much more relaxing it is when you get rid of this useless sound in your working environment.

Laser mouse
For this mouse we have chosen a highly developed laser technology for more precise mouse movements. The laser precision technology is 1600Dpi.


  • Advanced 2.4Ghz wireless technology
  • Laser tracking engine
  • Nano receiver (stores in the mouse)
  • 39 two way channels
  • 6~10 Meter operation range
  • 3 buttons
  • Auto power save mode
  • 2x AAA battery included
  • Size:10,2x5,9x 3,6cm (LxWxH)

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